iii is an original design clothing brand founded by two young people in Singapore. The brand name is named after clothing designer Miki yip. The full name is iii by MIKI YIP. Designer In Singapore, an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design, in a rare opportunity, started selling some of her designs to renowned clothing company. The first design sold over 800 pieces online. After multiple successful achievement dealing with various foreign companies on fashion design, the results were remarkable. So designer Miki Yip decided to start her own brand, in the summer of 2017 with her friend Shawn Tong founded iii clothing brand.


iii design style were often inspired by minimalist, trendy, elegance, with a strong sense of attitude and body silhouette. Using “less is more” as core design concept, designer adds in a little surprise in every of her creation to make the design, unordinary. Designer always believe in the balancing between the design and comfort is something for everyone.

Many of her designs were inspired by Hong Kong film industry in the 90’s. Presenting modern fashion with inspiration in the form of clothes.

Designer graduated in a Haute couture clothing design institute. With her high expectation on tailoring skill, fabric requirements, she ensures consistency of product quality. Designs were all made-to-fit on model, so that it will look good when you wear it.